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Top 5 Best Wheel Well Toolbox Of The Year

Today, modern pick-ups come with everything: having cooled and heated seats, driving assist technology, even collision warning, and plug-in outlets. Yet, something that modern trucks are lacking is space. Functional storage is always helpful; besides, it seems like toolboxes are increasing in price, some are around $500! There is a creative solution for this - wheel well tool box.

Pick-up truck beds are a good place to divide a toolbox for any necessity you might have. If you are a business owner or a do ? it yourself type of man, having a storage box is ingenious. It fits in the space inside the fender, in the wheel well, and the tailgate. Today, we have gathered the top-of-the-line wheel well toolbox that will end any space issue.

Let us discuss some benefits of a truck Toolbox:

  • Efficient Organization: Organization is a soft skill essential for anyone. Having a tool that helps you have this skill is beneficial.
  • Business Presence: Appearances are critical for anyone. It impacts the way an individual will engage with you and their response to this engagement.
  • Protection & security: Let us be honest: tools are expensive. A toolbox provides enough protection from the environment to safeguard your belongings.

Wheel Well Tool Comparison Table

Undercover Swing Case Truck Bed Storage Box - SC200D

Undercover Swing Case Truck Bed Storage Box - SC300D

DEE ZEE DZ95P Poly Plastic Wheel Well Toolbox

Dee Zee DZ95D Steel Wheel Well Toolbox w/Drawers

G-PLUS Lockable Storage Toolbox


  • 1999-2016 Ford F-250/F350
  • Fits 2002-2018 Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500
  • * Mult Purpose use (Used on Tacoma, GMC, and Chevy Products)
  • Best for Toyota Tundra & GMC Sierra
  • Best for GMC Sierra, Chevy Silverado 1500/2500/ 2007-2018







ABS Plastic

Full Guide Of Wheel Well Tool Boxes

Undercover Swing Cases

Wheel well storage, Swing Case Storage box, Ram, Dodge, Driver side

Undercover Swing Cases (all models, including Storage Box - SC200D & Storage Box - SC300D) is one of the most cost-effective wheels well storage boxes in the market. This product is DIY friendly, being attachable to the fender of your pick-up truck. But it provides an outstanding 1-year warranty on the product, placing itself over its competitors. The storage box has a dimension of 8.5 x 16 x 34 inches, having enough storage to save some items inside it.

What we Love about Undercover Swing Case:

  • Its unique swing-out motion: By creating a product that you ?swing? to be able to use, Swing Case built portable, easy-to-use products for their clients. Its versatility and resourcefulness add value to the brand.
  • Storage space: It has depth, and an ergonomic design can store various items without crowding the toolbox.
  • Easy to mount: It is easy to install and remove from your truck bed. According to the tutorial, you remove small parts of your bed to install it. Its easy removal creates versatility and makes it easy to clean and safekeeping.
  • Security: Swing Case offers the truck storage box a lockable feature to safeguard any items you might have saved.
  • Variety: They have tailored their products across various makes and models, simplifying the job for the customer.

What we do not like about Undercover Swing Case

  • Made from plastic: One major step back on purchasing the Swing case is its durability ? cheap plastic, there is no guarantee for prolonged use.
  • Maintenance: To keep the latch system working, you must lubricate the wheel bolt as it may stay stuck. If not, the latch would not function.
  • One?side only: The toolboxes bolt to either side of the wheel well: meaning that it is side?specific. Thus, one must be sure of what side you desire to install it on.
  • Double Trouble: To preserve any belongings, it is advisable to have two locks, as it provides enough protection in case the internal lock failed to function.


There are mixed reviews with the Undercover Swing Case with 4.6/5-star rating, with over 800 global ratings. Yet, one user, expressed that this was a great find. He used two on either wheel well, stating that it was easy to install. He also noted that the plastic was sturdy yet lightweight, making it useful for him.

On the other spectrum that expressed that the concept is excellent; yet it is not for ?real tools or real work.? His statement comes because his latch mechanism failed, as did the material of the box itself. The problem happened six months after they buy. It is safe to note that the box rating at 75 pounds. His final statement was that ?it was better to buy a steel box for the price.?

Our take:

If you are planning on using the Undercover Swing Case for light for heavy-duty work ? having heavy tools, often moving items up, or planning on using it for work, you should avoid this item. Besides, if you are using it for everyday commuting & lightweight storage, this product might do the trick for you.


DEE ZEE DZ95P is a great affordable product compared to Swing Case, starting from $162. This means that this product is cheaper than the Swing Case! But, pick-up wheel well toolboxes should not only be about affordability: they should also be durable and reliable. In contrast to many other products, DEE ZEE offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty, an excellent addition to the already affordable price. Its dimensions are the following: 37 x 7.75 x 19.5.

Let us find out how this product fairs with the others:

What we love about DEE ZEE DZ95P

  • Multi-platform use: According to Deezee.com, this product can be used in almost all makes, and models sold in the United States. It does not matter if you are using a diesel or gas product, the size of the truck bed; DEE ZEE guarantees the use of its product on any truck. If you are looking for more information about this, you can click here.
  • Reverse Lid: This feature lets you install this product on any side of the wheel well. It is versatile for the customer, as it provides the option to place it on the side they want.
  • The toolbox can fit it with most Tonneaus Covers.
  • Price: Starting at $117.16, it is the most affordable wheel well storage box on our list.

What we do not like about DEE ZEE DZ95P

  • Installation instructions: For starters, the instructions are vague. They show a diagram of how and where to install the wheel well toolbox. Even so, it is not represented by make or model; so, it can be confusing if your truck bed is different from the diagram.
  • Space: Compared to other products, the DEE ZEE DZ95P is small compared to the Swing Case or the G-PLUS products.


There are many positive reviews about the DEE ZEE DZ95P. A customer by the name of Steven explained that he was happy with his buy. He even boasted that a 4x8 sheet of plywood will still fit after installing it. One of its weak points was the lock mechanism, as it was frail. According to him, anyone would have been capable of opening it in 30 seconds.

But there are customers such as Leclercq or other who were not satisfied with the product. Reviewer1888 stated that it would not fit on a compact truck, such as a Toyota Tacoma, as it would hang above his OEM pick-up bed cover. E. Leclercq emphasized that the product was made from ?cheap plastic.? He also stated that water would leak inside the toolbox.

Our Take:

DEE ZEE company is a quality manufacturer that has sold many products worldwide. In the case of the DEE ZEE DZ95P, that has not been the case. Its cost?price relation is good, and often you can justify the lack of quality in some areas because of its low price point. But this is not expected from a brand like DEE ZEE. So, what is it there for the other two products?

DEE ZEE DZ95D Steel Wheel Well Toolbox w/Drawers

metallic wheel well, tool box, trucks, pick ups, vehicles, drawers

DEE ZEE is back on our list with a different yet similar item compared to the last one: the DZ95D steel wheel well toolbox with drawers. Instantly, two crucial characteristics stand out: metal and drawers. Furthermore, this wheel well toolbox seems tailored for a specific market: people who bought these for hard work.

What we love about the DEE ZEE DZ95D Steel Wheel Well Toolbox w/Drawers

  • Thick, metallic exterior: the DZ95D changes the game. Being fully metallic offers the best protection towards the outside environment, capable of withstanding harsher weather than the plastic-based wheel wells toolboxes. Omit, this material is also more durable.
  • Drawers: This is the only product featuring this characteristic. It is versatile and provides the customer an ingenious way to organize their belongings according to their need. Made from metal, they are sturdy and durable, perfect for work.
  • Multi-location: You can locate the toolbox on any side of the pick-up truck wheel well, giving you a choice to find it.
  • All?in?one: The product price includes the hardware used to install the storage box inside the truck bed.
  • Quick ? Release system: If needing a toolbox to be on the go, DEE ZEE designed this toolbox to be on the go ? you can take it anywhere you want it, as it has a quick-release system.
  • Door Lock: A door lock and a set of keys are included with the purchase.

What we do not like about DEE ZEE DZ95D Steel Wheel Well Toolbox w/Drawers

  • Price Premium: For all the fantastic features this truck wheel well toolbox has, it comes with a high premium of $292.12. It is almost $100 higher than the Swing Case toolbox.
  • Warranty: In contrast with its brother, the DZ95D comes with a 3-year limited warranty covering damages in the stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, or rear and front bumpers. But components like Shocks, latches, or hinges only have 1 ? year limited warranty.
  • Installation: There is much incognita to understanding how to install this product successfully. No manufacturer guide explains process by process on how to be able to install this.
  • Make and model: There is no guide of which vehicles this pick-up toolbox is compatible with.


On paper, this product is regarded as a great contender to be the best. This was not the case. Some users summarized experience with the product as an ?Absolutely disappointing JUNK!!!?. They noted that even before using the toolbox, this came with dents all over. Some days after, rust started to build up from the metallic seams of the product. The worst thing is, though, that days later, they hit a bump, and one of the cabinets went flying. Quite an experience that is.

For other user, it was a completely different story. Although it was a bit expensive, terry stated that his experience has been splendid. Its versatility has paid off for him and his brother, making the sale worthwhile.

Our Take:

The DEE ZEE DZ95D offers the market an alternative to plastic toolboxes in exchange for a premium that not everyone is willing to pay. Furthermore, reliability issues have popped out more frequently, questioning the quality build of this item. As a result, it is not our top choice; yet it is a game-changer for those individuals who like to organize their things.

G-PLUS Storage Box Case

Multi - use, wheel well , prime, truck storage box,

G-PLUS Storage Box Case is an exciting product to be introduced to the wheel well toolbox niche. Made by G-PLUS, it offers a storage box that is easy to install, portable, and durable. Also, its unique styling and characteristic have made it stand out.

What we love about G-PLUS Storage Box Case

  • Design: having an ergonomic design, G-PLUS has created a great product designed to satisfy the customer?s demands of space, usability, and reliability.
  • Applications: The product accurately describes the available makes & models eligible to have this product installed into.
  • Removable: Its design makes it possible to remove from the truck bed and be used outside of it for transport & use.

What we do not like about the G-PLUS Storage Box Case

  • Warranty: For the G-PLUS Storage Box Case, only a 1-year warranty is available, which is not explained in detail. In comparison, DEE ZEE explained in detail its product and its warranty.
  • Pricing: The second most expensive product on this list at $229.95 is $30 pricier than the Swing Case.
  • Installation: G-PLUS does not provide customers with a thorough explanation of installing the wheel well toolbox. On the other hand, G-PLUS provides a written installation guide on their web-site. But it does not suffice.


The G-PLUS Storage Box Case is a curious product to review many describe it as terrible, but many others love the product. In the case of one, he had an unpleasant experience with the G-PLUS Storage Box Case. His main concerns were the lack of instruction and the quality of the ?ABS Plastic? used by G-PLUS.

One user rated this product with a 4.9 - star score. He emphasizes that the toolboxes are not meant to carry on heavy or valuable products. Instead, the toolbox should use it for practical objects, such as jumper cables or tie downs. But he did say that he will have given it a perfect score if it had a thicker plastic material.

Our Take:

The G-PLUS Storage Box Case is a great product. With its ergonomic and practical design, it helps customers with their basic needs. But, if you contemplate using this storage box case for heavy tools or heavy objects, do not. Because of the type of plastic this product is made of, the toolbox would not last.

Which one should you choose?

Every option provided in this article is tailored to the desires of those who have purchased pick-up trucks wheel wells. Nonetheless, which is the best one for me? The one that encapsulates everything someone who looks for a wheel well toolbox is the Undercover Swing Case.

The Undercover Swing Case provides essential benefits for the customer that no other toolbox does. Some of these are the following:

  • Tailored wheel well storage box according to make and model of your vehicle.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Quality and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions ? FAQ:

How do you install a wheel well toolbox?

Answer: Some manufactures have their specific method of installing a wheel well. Here, we attach a video that may help in the install process.

Can any wheel well fit my truck?

Answer: Most of them are universal ? meaning you must tailor the wheel well toolbox to your truck. However, there are cases such as the Swing Case toolbox manufactures specific for most makes & models.


Pick-up wheel well storage has become essential in the arduous, efficiency-driven society that everyone lives in today. Because of this, it is vital to selling the product that most satisfies your needs and accommodates your wallet.

If researching for a cost-effective, quality product that will suit your basic storage needs, the Undercover Swing Case toolbox will do for you. But, if in need of a wheel well toolbox that can withstand heavier products, the DEE ZEE DZ95D Steel Wheel Well Toolbox will suit the bill. With its metal body, any product stored inside of it would be safe and sound.

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