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Jeep Gladiator Running Boards Review

There are many aftermarket parts made exclusively for the Jeep Gladiator in its 2019 and later iterations . Some practical products that have come out of the side industry are Gladiator running boards or Side Steps . These are helpful for people who go in and come out of the trucks.

TOP 2 Jeep Gladiator Running Boards Comparison


Hooke Road Gladiator JT Rock Slider Side Step Nerf Rails Running Board

Running Board Side Step Nerf Bar Side Rail Rock Slider by V8 God for Gladiator JT


Model Number




2020 and 2021 models

2020 and 2021 models





Textured Black Steel

Textured Black Steel


88 Pounds

88 Pounds


84 x 10 x 10 inches

?88.4 x 10.8 x 8.3 inches

Maximum Weight Supported

400 pounds

Not Indicated




Jeep Gladiator Side Steps MAIN Brand

Hooke Road

Hooke Road has been in the business since 2014. The company manufactures and distributes various Jeep Bumpers and Accessories. The company is a member of SEMA or the Specialty Equipment Market Association . The SEMA event is a valuable part of its program. It is where it showcases the new designs and products for the aftermarket industry. Two enthusiasts founded Hooke Road when they could not find the needed parts for their Jeep project. They opted to design and manufacture their own.

#1 - BEST Choice Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Side Steps - Hooke Road Gladiator Rock Slider Side Step Nerf Rails Running Board

Hooke Road Side Steps and Rock Sliders shown, mounted on Jeep Gladiator

These sidesteps are of steel tubular construction, and the cross-braces are of the same materials for extra strength and durability. The steel used in manufacturing the running boards for Jeep Gladiator is powder-coated for corrosion resistance. The welded step boards are embellished with a since 1941 Jeep detail, professedly an homage to Jeep`s history. The tubular steel material is 2 inches in diameter, which adds to the Side Steps ability to withstand debris and scrapes thrown at it and at the same time protect the underside rocker panel of the Jeep Gladiator. These jeep Gladiator Side Steps also act as rock sliders, making them useful in moderate off-roading . They are perfect fit and installs well as 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Side Steps. All the necessary hardware for installation is in the package already. The installation process also does not need drillings or any vehicle body modification. The Side Steps fit right onto the existing bolt holes and attachment holes of the Gladiator Rocker panel.

What we Like

  • Easy installation, bolts right into the provided holes. Reviewers noted that you need two hours for the installation.
  • Act as additional protection for the rocker panels and pinch welds from various fragments on the road or off-road that can harm your car.
  • Customers reckoned that they are very sturdy and are very satisfied with the looks of their Gladiators after the running boards are mounted.

What We Don?t Like

  • Installation of the Hooke Roads Side Steps requires the prior removal of rock slides.
  • Included bolts sometimes do not match the bolt holes where they are supposed to go that some customers had to purchase additional hardware.
  • Packaging is sometimes damaged.
  • At least two reviewers noticed some rust forming after weeks of use.

# 2 - Our Choice for Off-Road Trails - Running Board Side Step Nerf Bar Side Rail Rock Slider by V8 God for Gladiator JT

Rock Sliders marketed by V8 God. You can see the mounting brackets that align perfectly to the pre-existing holes underside the Jeep Gladiator.

Marketed by V8 God, this product looks a lot like the Hooke Road Side Steps. Both products are tubular 2-inch diameter powder-coated steel tubes. The circumference of the tubular steel evokes a sturdy look for the side steps. They are with slotted plates that serve as step boards to help you go in or alight from the vehicle. The slots also serve as mats to remove debris, mud, or snow that clings to your footwear. The Running Board Side Step by V8 God also has steel plates with a since 1941 detail. These 2020 Jeep Gladiator running boards are perfectly useful for outdoor activities enthusiasts.

What We Like

  • The V8 God Running Board is easy to install with all needed hardware included in the package.
  • Customers are happy with the looks of the product and how it is compatible with the Gladiator.
  • Slots in the step boards are handy for removing debris, mud, or even snow from your shoes.
  • They also protect the rocker panels and the edges of the Jeep from debris and rocks.

What We Don?t Like

  • Installation Instruction was a bit difficult to understand, but parts are easy to configure.
  • Some hardware, like the bolts, are not compatible with the pre-existing holes for installation.

How easy is it to install Jeep Gladiator Running Boards?

It is easy to install running boards or side steps if you have a fair understanding of the instructions. The products in this line-up install on pre-existing holes used to mount stock or OEM running boards. One only needs a ratchet and d a couple of sockets for the install. The 2020 Jeep Gladiator Mopar OEM running boards for example utilizes the holes under the chassis thus there is no need to drill new holes. There are also many YouTube videos one can reference from for proper installation guides. Some are from manufacturers while some are from users. Herein is a from a YouTuber named Billy Cat detailing the installation of a Mopar Branded running board on his Jeep Gladiator.


The tubular side steps also have their ways of helping you maximize the potentials of the Jeep Gladiator, especially in going off-road or on trails. The side steps are of steel that adds strength to the overall condition of the product. Being made of tubular steel, they are more capable of dealing with such annoyances that could damage the underside of your Jeep. It is your choice on where you want to take your Jeep Gladiator on some off-roading, and your running board purchase depends on this.